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NuLineGFXS Technology San Diego, California

I am a 66 year old Computer Engineer and have been in the computer field for 25 years. I have a Political Science Degree from the University of Maryland ,but not working in my field. I served in the Military United States Marine Corps as a Helicopter pilot.
Nu-LineGfxs Technology Custom Computer Designing

Nu-LineGfxs Host is a California based premier Custom Computer Designing Company primarily serving in San Diego and Los Angeles Area..
We not only design and develop such products but we also provide decent insight to boost your business in all possible ways. We have clients all across United States including major metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and New York. With your own resources and infrastructure, we will lead you to a new business world that will take your breath away.

We also provide versatile and effective, customized web solutions including WebSite Design, Graphics Design, Flash WebSite Design, eCommerce Website Design , Website Maintenance, WebSite Hosting, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Logo Design, Online Store Management.


How Remote Computer Repair Works
Computer users today face many problems because using a computer has become a complicated business. As the technology evolves, more and more components have sprung up that can annoy users with a large number of errors.
Operating Systems, hardware, software and other various applications and components can daunt the user with many glitches and errors that may seem unfixable.
Average users will be so frustrated by some of these errors that they would go to the extent of being scared of using their computers for fear of causing errors.
Computer repair companies offer expert help to solve these problems found in user's computers. The repair professionals will connect to the user via a remote desktop connection and will help the user to configure it. Remote desktop connections require the user to give their login password to the expert along with their IP address, which the expert will help the user to find by giving instructions over the phone.


Reason's to Choose Us for Your Computer Repair Service
To: Nuline Personal Computer Systems
"NPCS gave me excellent, valuable, and timely service that was not overly expensive! NPCS eliminated all viruses and the sluggishness of my operating system while at the same time capturing all of the data and photos that I thought I lost when my computer cressed. NPCS did all this for me and I live in Texas!! I am happy to refer NPCS to friends, family and co-workers! Thanks NPCS or saving my PC!"